WPMU DEV Android App Guide for Windows (preview)

Hey, all you tinkerers and fiddlers!

We’ve been tossing about a really cool idea recently: WPMU DEV apps.

The idea being to make them as easy as possible for you to create, brand and/or customize for your specific use-cases.

We decided to dive right in and play around to see what we could do with our existing Edublogs app. And we want to get you guys in on the fun too!

So go ahead and grab the zipped copy of wp-android which includes the Edublogs app (you’ll need all 3 parts), and the PDF Guide to help walk you through the process of customizing the thing.

It’s important to note that this should be considered an alpha-alpha project :slight_smile: It’s nowhere near ready for prime-time.

But we really would appreciate your feedback, ideas & criticism.

As the max-upload size in our forums is 5MB, we had to split the zipped wp-android-edublogs folder into 3 parts :slight_smile: Be sure to download all 3 parts, and extract the contents to the same folder on your computer.