[WPMU Dev Dashboard] Advanced WPMU Dev Dash

Hi guys,
I love the new design and UI direction you've taken over the past year. It lends very well to beginners & intermediates to use your plugins with ease. However one thing I do miss is having a less cluttered admin.

For example I loved how Smush Pro used to tuck in under Media. As it's not a primary component of WordPress that requires constant attention, it's a set-and-forget scenario.

Currently our must-install WPMU plugin stack looks like this:
- WPMU Dev Dash
- Smush Pro
- Snapshot
- Defender Pro
- SmartCrawl
- Hummingbird Pro
So already that's 6 additional items on the main nav.

This brings me to my idea of an Advanced WPMU Dash. It'd be fantastic if members could install an Advanced version (or access a setting in the current WPMU Dev Dash plugin) that brings all the plugins in under the one Navigation branch. Or unified Dash.

Stylistically this mode wouldn't need illustrations or fancy animations like the usual plugins. This mode is built for speed (for someone who has installed & configured these plugins hundreds of times and just wants a quick, easy interface to get the job done).

Currently we use functions to hide all these from the navigation once configured, but it'd be great to see something official if you guys are interested.

  • Andy
    • Product Design Lead

    Mick thanks for your feedback! This is a really interesting option. Is the main source of frustration find the sidebar navigation items, or that they clutter your UI? Implementing something along the lines of your approach would bode well for both, but we could be even more innovative if we understand the real frustration.


  • Mick
    • WP Tinkerer

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

    I'll see if I can help clarify a bit here as I believe there's a few frustrations:

    1. The 5 plug-ins + hub mentioned above are what I'd consider ‘maintenance & tool’ plug-ins. Each of them are typically set up to run automated & it's pretty rare that we need to visit them once everything is configured. Each of them are essential, but I don't need them on the sidebar for quick access (and yes, I guess it does irk me a bit that they clutter the back-end).
    It would be great to see just one nav item (eg. WPMU Hub) on the sidebar that allows the power-user to configure these plug-ins if needed.

    2. If using Advanced Mode/Power Mode/Unified Hub—whatever you wish to call it—I'd be fine with stripping out all the illustrations and animations from the UI to deliver a more streamlined & lightweight experience. There could even be a ‘compact mode’ that reduces spacing and padding in order to squeeze more important settings on the one page for faster configuration.

    3. One thing I love is the option to set a Hummingbird Clear Cache button in the Admin Bar. Perhaps more options like this could come in handy for common tasks? Or perhaps Hub could give an option to sit in the Admin bar instead of sidebar?

    I'll be interested to see what ideas you guys might come up with. There's lots of exciting possibilities here.

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