WPMU Dev Dashboard and Wiki Pro

I have just purchased Wiki Pro. I do not want other WPMU DEV plug-ins at this time but I have been required to install the WPMU DEV dashboard as part of my Wiki Pro purchase. I'm getting unwanted adverts/messages and I'm finding it difficult to simply get information and support for Wiki Pro. I've also found that I can not de-activate the WPMU DEV Dashboard Plug-in and I even found errors in my php error log where it was trying to do some automatic update -- only then did I discover that it had a default of automatic updates to the Dashboard. Before I move Wiki Pro to our production system, please let me know what I can do to minimise the impact of the Dashboard -- a plug-in that I did not request but am being required to use. I feel that the monthly charge for Wiki Pro should be sufficient to get use and support of Wiki Pro without having to navigate through all of your company's products and services.