[WPMU DEV Dashboard] Can't upgrade to pro

I can access the plugin WPMU Dev.
I have the following error message:
“This domain has previously been registered with us by the user Sam (a********g@fixrunner.com). To use WPMU DEV on this domain, you can either log in with the original account (you can reset your password) or upgrade your trial to a full membership. Trial accounts can’t use previously registered domains – here’s why.”
The plugin was installed by Sam from Fix Runner. I don’t use the services of Fix Runner anymore.
I would like to use the feature of Smush pro. I am the owner and administrator of the website Modersvp.com.
Can you reset the account in order that julia@modersvp.com has access to the plugin Wpmu Dev on the website modersvp.com and not the service provider: Sam from fixrunner?
Thanks for your help.


Julia Comil