WPMU DEV DASHBOARD causing 504 error

I get an error when the WPMU DEV DASHBOARD plugin is active. The front end of the website is accessible, but when I try to go to the dashboard I get 504 gateway timeout error. Note: I'm running NGinX on top.

I need to rename the plugin file via FTP to regain access to the dashboard every time the plugin is activated.

The below suggestion did not resolve my issue.


In mos of cases this error pop ups when some other plugin rewrites default .htaccess file. :slight_frown: I've tried every possible way to generate this error on my sandbox site but now luck with that. Can you guys one more time reset your permalink and check if it solves your issue or not ?

Navigate to Settings > Permalink , change current permalink settings to something else and then change it back again to your preference. Now try to activate plugin. Are you able to do so ? If not then do one more testing. Disable all the plugin, change permalink the way I told you to do. And now activate WPMU DEV Dashboard.