[WPMU DEV Dashboard] Cookies Are Enabled

Hey every time I try to chat support it says cookies are not enabled. They ARE. I get cookied all over the web. Seriously. This is quite frustrating as I take the time always to start a support chat and it turns out to be a waste of my time. What else could be wrong?

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Core Zero,

    Could I know on which browser did you test it out? Also, please check whether there are any add-ons or extensions enabled in the browser side. If yes, would recommend to temporarily deactivate the add-ons to ensure whether it isn't related to any such add-ons.

    If you still get the same, please do share a full screenshot of what exact error message you notice, and also please mention the OS version, Browser version on which you are trying.

    If there are also any specific steps on how you try to open the chat, please do let us know that too. Like you are trying to open the chat via any specific page? or by loading the default URL:



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