WPMU DEV Dashboard disappeared / and WordPress update failed

Hi there,

I'm having a few issues I just ran into today with our site. The WPMU DEV dashboard is installed and I see it in the plugin list, but it is not anywhere in the menu (used to be at the top, like my other websites).

Secondly, the latest update for WordPress 4.7.1 failed and it's telling me to contact my website administrator. But the thing is, I am the administrator and I've Google the update issue – it looks like I should have the option to 'try updating again,' since I'm the administrator, but I'm not getting that.

Why are these things happening and how can I fix them?

I attached a screenshot that shows both issues, the WordPress update error as well as the WPMU DEV menu not listed on the left where it should be, even though it's fully installed and active.

Please help.

Thank you,