[WPMU DEV Dashboard] Emails being sent but not received

This issue isn't necessarily related to WPMU, but to WordPress and WooCommerce. We have been trying to send emails to our customers confirming order processing, however for almost a month the emails have been being sent (according to the plugin Post SMTP) however the test emails are not being received by any email we send them to. I wonder if you have any insights regarding this issue, and if you can help me ensure the emails are being delivered.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Leslie

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand that you have Post SMTP plugin installed and active so are you already using it for mail delivery (the SMTP is actually configured) or only as a “mail log”? If it’s the mail log only, it would be worth trying to use it to send mails via SMTP.

    If it’s already set that way – have you actually check spam folder in your inbox? I know that sounds a bit “lame” but I’ve seen many cases of such mails simply being moved to spam and that’s easy to overlook.

    Then, if they are not in spam and are send via SMTP – it’s worth to double-check SMTP configuration also and make sure with e-mail provider that SMTP feature/mail relay is actually available/enabled on their end. Sometimes, depending on the provider, it takes “a few clicks” to enabled it for the e-mail account and sometimes there are just very strict filters that reject mail delivery if, for example, there’s some inconsistency with sender e-mail address or “from” name.

    It’s also worth checking what happens if you actually disable SMTP and try to send mails simply using default WP configuration. Have you tried that?

    Let me know about that all please and we’ll see what to do next then to troubleshoot and possibly fix that.

    Best regards,


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