[WPMU DEV Dashboard] Permission problems accessing WPMUDEV Dashboard and plugin admin settings

We are having a problem with one of our admin accounts on our site and accessing the WPMUDEV dashboard, settings and upgrading any WPMUDEV plugin.

When logged in as admin user joreardon we can access the WPMUDEV dashboard and update any WPMUDEV plugins etc.
However when logged in as admin user dalereardon-admin we get a WP error saying we aren't authorised to access the page if go direct to it. The WPMUDEV options are all not showing in the menus when logged in as dalereardon-admin
Something must have gone wrong with permission settings I presume?

I have enabled access to our site for you within the dashboard plugin so you can take a look,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Dale

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    By default, only that admin account is allowed to see and access any part of WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin that was used to activate the plugin. Even if there are other admins on site, they will not see "WPMU DEV" in the admin menu and will get permission error when trying to access WPMU DEV plugin pages directly.

    It's this way for security and privacy reasons.

    I just checked your site and I see that no other admin is actually added to the plugin's "Permissions" settings so you'll want to do this:

    - login to the site as that admin who is able to see and access WPMU DEV Dashboard
    - go to "WPMU DEV -> Settings -> Permissions" page
    - use "Add user" button there, in the "Permissions" box, to add all the admins who should be allowed to see and use the plugin.

    That will make the plugin available to them :wink:

    Best regards,

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