Update Notifications: WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin 3.0 beta (Update Notifications)

Hey guys, we’ve been reworking our Update Notifications into a new “WPMU DEV Dashboard”. The idea is that you can take care of all your WPMU DEV needs right through the dashboard. Right now its:

– Browse and install our products right from your dashboard!

– A majorly improved updating interface

– more control over hiding branding and API keys on client sites

The status of this is we’ve got most of the core stuff working great, but we are about to hit it with alot of changes very soon like:

– Updated style/branding

– Better product browsing and search

– Some really cool stuff on the support page

But since it’s working now just great, I thought you all would appreciate being able to use it until we role out the official release, so here it is as a beta. Let me know your feedback and how installing products goes for you. We’d love to incorporate your feedback into this.

Install it right over the old wpmudev-updates plugin folder.