WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin 4.2.1 Update Failure

Hi there,

I'm encountering errors while trying to update the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin to the latest version.

I was successful in updating the plugin on my staging site, but I'm being thrown error when trying to update to my production site.

I should note that this as a Multi Site environment and that while the plugin is installed and working through the WPMU Dev hub, I haven't actually had the WPMU Dev Dashboard appearing on my site for sometime.

Here's what I'm encountering...

On the network admin, I am being prompted to update to the latest version, however, it also shows a message underneath the update that, "Auto-update not possible. More info." I've never encountered that message before. When I click on "More info" I'm directed to a page that says, "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." I find that odd as the network admin.

Anyway, the same thing as above occurred on my staging site, however, when I came here to manage the site from the hub, I was able to update the plugin on the staging site with success.

I tried to do the same on the production site, that being, update from the hub, but was thrown the following error, "There was an unknown error. You can simply update via your dashboard." When I click on the link to my dashboard, I'm directed again to the page that says, "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page."

I find this all to be odd behaviour. I'm happy to update via sftp, however, I'd like to verify that it's safe to do so, and also, figure out what's causing these errors.

Thanks guys.