WPMU Dev Dashboard Security Concerns

Looking into utilize your WMPU Dev dashboard plugin and using "The Hub" to keep track of all my sites. After playing around and testing the plugin, I have a concern in regards to who can manage the WPMU Dev dashboard page within the WordPress site. For example, if I go into a site and activate the plugin, it seems I am the only admin user who can access the WPMU Dev admin panel in WordPress. However, if another admin was to go in, deactivate the plugin, and then re-activate the plugin, they would be the only admin who has access to the WPMU Dev admin panel. Furthermore, when this happens, they would be able to see my WPMU dev subscription info, my API key, recent tickets I opened, etc..

I'm thinking this has probably come up already with other users? Are there any plans for a workaround? Ideally, I would like the WPMU Dev plugin to force me to re-login to my WPMU Dev account if the plugin was deactivate/reactivated.