WPMU DEV doesn't show my membership

I'm having problems troubleshooting eNewsletter at http://www.trustnari.org.php53-17.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com/

Right now my biggest issue is that when I go to my WPMU DEV interface within the backend of the site, I can't update any of my plugins as it seems to think my membership is expired, which is not the case.

Once I get past that, I'm running into an issue with creating new newsletters or editing existing ones. It seems like the composition engine is failing in some fashion. I went through the process of deleting the eNewsletter plugin and reinstalling the latest version (no dice) and also tried fully deleting including the records / db info and re-entering data / setup and still no luck. Before I start nuking all the other plugins one by one, I wanted to make sure everything else WPMU was updated, and I can't seem to since the main support interface doesn't want to work right now.