WPMU DEV Google Maps Plugin does not provide directions


I'm very sorry; however, but I can not figure out how to use this map plugin. I can get the map to show on the page but there does not seem to be any facility for the user to get directions...it's just a static map showing location with a marker. A map without direction capability is useless so what am I to do? I have accessed this link:
I've read the link followed it to the letter and still do not get directions on the map. I'm thinking the problem may have something to do with the Upfront Plugin as when I disable that plugin it seems to work fine. I'm thinking that there is perhaps a step I am missing with the plugin? All of the plugins are updated (Dashboard, Maps, Theme etc.).

I'm apparently doing something wrong; albeit, I can not understand what. Can you please assist me. For the time being I've installed the WP plugin MapPress which works fine.

Thank you!

Best Regards,