WPMU – DEV, I am currently developing a web site using

I am currently developing a web site using WordPress, with the Cyber Chimps theme. (Currently in “Maintenance Mode” during construction).

My goal with this site is to establish a (multisite?) website whereby multiple users/members can create their own “page” (similar to a limited scale facebook page), and post personal events they may be celebrating in the coming year, for the purposes of “members” and “non-members” to be able to send them cash gifts, (via PayPal), through their “page”, for any of their listed events, or for any reason - an “e-gift”, if you will.

I also want to offer, (in the margin/template), certain gift cards, or e-gift cards, (on a select and limited basis), which can be purchased from/through the member’s page, via the main site.

In addition to this “e-gift” member page, I also want to offer the member, an “Etsy” type of page, whereby the member will have an option to sell their own products.

I initially started with BuddyPress for the “member” aspect, but, couldn’t work through the cash gifting aspect. I have since removed the BuddyPress plug-in. It has been suggested that MarketPress is the better choice to accomplish all the goals for this site.

Can you please provide some guidance, or step by step direction to meet the goals of this site.

I have specifically become a member to obtain help with this personal project.

Thank You,
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  • Patrick
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    Hi there @DENNIS

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    First important thing: please do not post personal contact info or login credentials here in the forums as they are publicly accessible and indexed by search engines. We don't want that stuff falling into the wrong hands. Thanks!

    Now on to your project...

    The MarketPress plugin can definitely help you in your project to enable users to set up their own store. However, it is very important to make a clear distinction here first: in a WordPress multisite environment, you can set things up so that your users can create subsites in your network in which they can create their own content, including selling products.

    MarketPress excels in that regard and enables you to create an Etsy-style network, wherein each store is an actual subsite in your network, managed by a user.

    However, setting things up so that users can have their own store page on your main site is a very tedious task indeed, and is not something that is built into any e-commerce solution (not that I'm aware of anyway).

    Another thing that may prove a bit difficult to achieve is the sending of cash gifts directly on your site using PayPal. A much easier alternative could be to use a credit system like MyCred. With MyCred, users can purchase credits through PayPal and gift each other any amount of credits they wish, while respecting any limits that you, as network admin, may choose to impose. Also, MyCred integrates with MarketPress so users can even pay for products using their credits.

    As well, MyCred integrates with BuddyPress (and bbPress forum software) so they can earn credits, if you like, for various activities throughout your network.

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