WPMU DEV plug-in causing white screen and site to crash on login.


I installed WPMU DEV a couple of days ago and everything worked great until the following day, when I went to look at my site in Safari and all I got was a white screen. I emptied my browser cache and tried again and my site was visible again. It was also always visible in Chrome.

Back in Safari, I went into my Bluehost channel and disabled WPMU DEV and Hummingbird. I was then able to log in again no problem. I switched the plugins back on and everything worked great yesterday, but today again I have the same problem: white screen, which goes away after emptying browser cache, no way of logging into my wp-admin page without switching off the plug-in.

I have looked around for answers but it seems like the last issue of this nature that i can see was over a year ago and it was going to be fixed in an update that I am guessing happened a while ago.

Please help!