WPMU Dev Plugin Entire Suite with MultiSite

I am currently working on a very large multisite network that I will be requiring probably every single one of the plugins that you offer. I have started the free 14 day trial to see if I can get them all to work together but after installing about 20 of them I started getting internal server errors and it crashed my site. So I called godaddy and they changed a few things with the php version and allowed memory and I got it back up and running but after another 30 plugins or so the back-end would barely work and the front end went down altogether. I assume that because they are out of the same suite they SHOULD work nicely together but maybe there is a better way to go about utilizing them all. If there is something someone could recommend that I do that would be great. I have a decent server setup with godaddy and I am very familiar with wordpress and have worked with wpmudev plugins and themes in the past. but I have not worked on a website that is going to be this immense. This will be the deciding factor whether I continue my subscription or not. But I would like to be able to utilize the entire suite.