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Gist of this thread

WordPress community grows faster and faster all the time, there is huge competition between theme & plugins & just WP services studios and it’s very hard to maintain position in this kind of competition.

WPMU DEV is of course award-winning, well-known WordPress resource with great reputation and I think this competition is not big problem for you, but still, for example:

You have MarketPress and this is incredible plugin and thanks Aaron for that, but if it is being developed by Aaron, some of it’s competitor plugins are developed by groups of people, they are working on functionality, integrating with well known themes, plugins, etc.

And when it goes to incredible themes, integration and etc. people may prefer ONE to another.

You have e-Newsletter plugin and thanks Andrey for that, but there is also a competitor plugin, developed by whole team.

ETC. I think you know what I mean.

So, my suggestion, idea (call anything) is that main priority for you should be integration of your plugins with each other, that will make people to choose MarketPress and not other plugin, because it’s integrated with another WPMU DEV plugin and that’s exactly what this user wants (and (s)he never minds that MarketPress isn’t integrated with many themes yet).

I have opened a thread about e-Newsletter & Pro Sites integration yesterday and I think there is huge perspective of this type of integrations, because Pro Sites itself is very perspective plugin and can be used many ways.

So in this thread, I (and would be glad that you too – WPMU DEV members) list all my ideas of possible integration of your incredible plugins – you decide which is worth to take into account, which is less important and etc.

* I know it’s quite complex job, but let’s talk about results.. It’s just worth.

So, examples here:

e-Newsletter & Pro Sites

I have written about this in my thread (link above) but I will describe my idea here too. e-Newsletter is nice plugin (though it lacks some functionality, but it’s still new), but as it’s compatible to MultiSite, it needs one life-saver function – limitation of mails. So that you could limit mails for users (10 000 mails per month for example, like MailChimp does). This would take care on your traffic and you will be able to make reasonable prices for this service.

This can be done of course via incredible Pro Sites plugin – as current version of this plugins support different levels, network admins could make different limits per level (1000 for level one, 2000 for two, etc.).

You could just make this plugin premium and just offer it as additional service OR you can run your own MailChimp – offer users just newsletters and different plans & pricing. That’s quite interesting I think.

Chat & Pro Sites

So, you (WPMU DEV) are offering two versions of chat to community – Free (with less functions) and Paid (all functions included), what if we could same? For example we would create level one in Pro Sites and it would have access only on specific options, whereas Level 2 will have all this functionality.

* Same goes to other “Lite & Full” version plugins

There is many, many variations and I am not able to list all of them here (I will post time by time, when I have some more ideas).

So, +1, discuss, rate, add your wishes and ideas.



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Absolutely agree! Integration between many of our plugins would create even more unrivalled awesomeness :wink:

    We are slowly integrating a few in fact. I like how Membership includes Supporter integration (although yes, could go further) for example.

    Often we simply have an idea for a plugin (or look at ideas from you guys) and just get it done and out there rather than trying to develop something that’s perfect first time.

    In fact, I love how many features are developed based on forum requests – as sad as it sounds it makes me smile when I see an item in the change log that directly relates to a thread I’ve taken care of.

    So…. keep the suggestions coming in. Specific requests are always better. Many small changes are favourable to big sweeping ones. Continuous improvement :slight_smile:


  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Absolutely agree! Integration between many of our plugins would create even more unrivalled awesomeness :wink:

    Of course it would, but I think integrating with WPMU DEV plugins is perfect, but not enough. My personal suggestion is that WPMU DEV should take care of integrating some plugins with other commercial plugins, for example – I have checked out Cart66 features yesterday (just was curious about that) and when I saw in video how it is integrated with Gravity Forms I was just sad, because that was exactly what I wanted with MarketPress. Than I opened another page and saw that it’s integrated with some elegant_themes and etc.

    Of course, some WPMU DEV plugins are integrated like this with third-party services (Membership & Gravity Forms for example) but there is so much to be done. I’d like to mention what I have said above – MarketPress & Gravity Forms integration would be awesome, for example – my client asked me if is possible to create a form for his online shop (MarketPress), which will let users “build” their own computers (this is computers shop) via extended form (so all philosophy is that if user chooses this type of video card, form shows him other suitable parts) and that can be done via Gravity Forms.

    This is just one, small example. Another example is well known for everyone, I know MarketPress can be easily (or easier than others) integrate with various themes and in most ways, it works with it’s own styling, but to say truth, if user doesn’t use a very, very simple theme, MarketPress own styling is being overridden with theme’s one.

    For example, yes, MarketPress goes well with Twenty Ten, but I don’t know any users here who would be satisfied with a shop with Twenty Ten theme, they need something more, something awesome, something Elegantthemes and other top studios offer and when it goes to such big competition (that MarketPress has), themes compatibility is very important. I’d say that one of the big pluses of MarketPress (besides that it’s well coded *thanks Aaron) is that it’s compatible to WPML & Headway.

    So I wonder how many users would be just happy if you contact (for example) Nick (from elegantthemes) and talk about integration of eStore, Boutique and etc. (Same to WooThemes and other top studios).

    Hope WPMU DEV community will join this thread,



  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    * UPDATE

    I have an idea and I am posting that as I have promised :slight_smile:

    Rebranding WordPress MultiSite

    That plugins are awesome, I think everyone, who runs MultiSite wants to remove at least WordPress logo from log-in pages, WordPress dashboard widgets and etc.

    What if you (WPMU DEV stuff) integrate ALL these plugins and create a one Re-branding plugin which just rocks.

    I think integrating them as one plugin would be just awesome – this plugin would have one settings page where user could choose anything – (s)he will be able to decide which options to turn on/off (just like Pro Sites features – quota, domain mapping, etc.):

    • Custom Admin Text
    • Global Footer Content
    • Rebranded Meta Widget
    • Admin Footer Text
    • Login Image
    • Admin Help Content
    • Remove Permalinks Menu
    • Clean up the dashboard
    • New Site Generator
    • I think only one idea you may have why this suggestion is BAD, is that “what if users don’t need all this functionality and need only specific one”?

      Simple answer – all this plugins are so small, they even doesn’t make any effect on traffic or disk quota. They are tiny and if you integrate them all, they would be small.

      If I’d say that what if we integrate Membership & Ultimate Facebook & Pro Sites and make one plugin, yes, it wouldn’t definitely make any sense as they are 3 absolutely different plugins, but when it goes to re-branding, one, functional, attractive panel would just rock, any +1s please? :slight_smile:

  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    * UPDATE

    Blog Types & Blogs Directory

    (off-topic – I know you are going from “blogs” to “sites”, waiting for new releases of these plugins to have “site” in their names, thanks).

    Another awesome variation – what if we could have fully functional blogs directory with categories (like edublogs has, but it’s custom coding as I know).

  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Sorry there are no new posts from community here but have to add mine anyway :slight_smile:

    Pro Sites & Affiliate (anyway, affiliate lacks this functionality yet and that’s kind of suggestion too)

    Simple description of Affiliate suggestion (which I will open as a topic too) – what if MONEY was changed with CREDITS (or let admins choose one of them for their networks). Like Facebook has, it’s one of the most popular method of running affiliate programs as far as I know (maybe the most popular after direct money transfer, but yet – very popular).

    So, if user brings another users who sign ups for any package (of Pro Sites), this user will gain some credits and (s)he will be able to use it for purchasing different services which Pro Sites offer.

    I don’t know how clear is what I have just tried to explain, but it seems quite interesting I think.

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    Agree, Pro sites would integrate nicely with some sort of affiliate system.

    To be honest hough I think it’d have to be $s – as if we started using credits then we’d have to create the ecosystem so that credits could be exchanged for all sorts of stuff, which would be a bit painful and we found didn’t work so well back in the day (when we developed such a system for the Upgrades functionality).

  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Yes I have heard that Upgrades system didn’t work that well you expected.

    But what about WordPress.com-like upgrades system?

    WordPress.com upgrades let users to purchase separate feature/theme/plugin. It would be great Pro Sites to have this function I think. Standard packages + separate “things”. For example, if you are going to offer a premium theme to your WPMU users and this theme doesn’t support license “Feel free to use on all domains you operate” or somthing you can just help user buy this theme via Pro Sites panel, like wordpress.com does. But here is something more than just helping user to buy a theme – (I don’t know how technically could this be solved) you make user stay in your WPMU, because when (s)he buys theme/plugin via dashboard (dashboard of his/her site, hosted on YOUR WPMU) this plugin/theme stays in your WPMU. I will try to clarify – when you upload themes on your WPMU, you make them available for your WPMU users but you don’t let them download this themes and “go” from your network with this theme.

    This function would be extremely useful for extra disk space solutions, you can create different packages with different disk quotas (1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB), but you can’t create hundreds of packages to give user exactly what (s)he wants, for example – 4GB. So, why not just let user buy some GB-s for fixed price?

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