WPMU DEV Plugins Integration Ideas & Suggestions


Gist of this thread

WordPress community grows faster and faster all the time, there is huge competition between theme & plugins & just WP services studios and it’s very hard to maintain position in this kind of competition.

WPMU DEV is of course award-winning, well-known WordPress resource with great reputation and I think this competition is not big problem for you, but still, for example:

You have MarketPress and this is incredible plugin and thanks Aaron for that, but if it is being developed by Aaron, some of it’s competitor plugins are developed by groups of people, they are working on functionality, integrating with well known themes, plugins, etc.

And when it goes to incredible themes, integration and etc. people may prefer ONE to another.

You have e-Newsletter plugin and thanks Andrey for that, but there is also a competitor plugin, developed by whole team.

ETC. I think you know what I mean.

So, my suggestion, idea (call anything) is that main priority for you should be integration of your plugins with each other, that will make people to choose MarketPress and not other plugin, because it’s integrated with another WPMU DEV plugin and that’s exactly what this user wants (and (s)he never minds that MarketPress isn’t integrated with many themes yet).

I have opened a thread about e-Newsletter & Pro Sites integration yesterday and I think there is huge perspective of this type of integrations, because Pro Sites itself is very perspective plugin and can be used many ways.

So in this thread, I (and would be glad that you too – WPMU DEV members) list all my ideas of possible integration of your incredible plugins – you decide which is worth to take into account, which is less important and etc.

* I know it’s quite complex job, but let’s talk about results.. It’s just worth.

So, examples here:

e-Newsletter & Pro Sites

I have written about this in my thread (link above) but I will describe my idea here too. e-Newsletter is nice plugin (though it lacks some functionality, but it’s still new), but as it’s compatible to MultiSite, it needs one life-saver function – limitation of mails. So that you could limit mails for users (10 000 mails per month for example, like MailChimp does). This would take care on your traffic and you will be able to make reasonable prices for this service.

This can be done of course via incredible Pro Sites plugin – as current version of this plugins support different levels, network admins could make different limits per level (1000 for level one, 2000 for two, etc.).

You could just make this plugin premium and just offer it as additional service OR you can run your own MailChimp – offer users just newsletters and different plans & pricing. That’s quite interesting I think.

Chat & Pro Sites

So, you (WPMU DEV) are offering two versions of chat to community – Free (with less functions) and Paid (all functions included), what if we could same? For example we would create level one in Pro Sites and it would have access only on specific options, whereas Level 2 will have all this functionality.

* Same goes to other “Lite & Full” version plugins

There is many, many variations and I am not able to list all of them here (I will post time by time, when I have some more ideas).

So, +1, discuss, rate, add your wishes and ideas.