WPMU Dev Plugins Integration with Elegant Themes?

Wondering about WPMU Integration with Elegant Themes. It's so stupid cheap over there that I thought it might be smart to just buy it as another option to offer clients.

I currently have the Woo Themes Subscription and use WooCommerce. I have been wanting to us the WPMU Marketplace plugin but havent had any experience or opportunity to use it over WooCommerce.

They have 200K people over there and it could be a very good option for you all to expand your reach and cross pollinate with another awesome company. It could help boost your sales significantly.

I must be honest that the WPMU themes dont do it for me or my clients as much as I would love them to.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    we do recommend elegant themes to members. but we both have different business models. but i think we do actually run promotions with each other every now & then.

    i can't really offer any other comment on this as it's not my department.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    sorry for the delay, not quite sure what you're asking here.

    the plugin uses it's own templates and CSS, with it's own CSS id/classes but with many elements of standard wp css, which in many cases the plugin will integrate smothly with the themes format. unfortunately as all themes are different, we can't guarantee that the plugin templates will match exactly with a specific theme, which is why plugins use their own CSS/templates so that the user can adjust the CSS and templates to match up with the theme they use. essentially some adjustments of the plugin CSS/templates will usually always be required no matter what theme you use, this is more so with purchased/free themes because they are generalised.

    when a web developer takes a contract to develop a site for a client, they get as much info as possible, then they will set about acquiring all the plugins etc. once done, they go on to build the theme, this custom theme will then include modified templates for each plugin to match with the overall theme design, all these templates are then included in the theme package they provide to the client. which is why web developers charge so much for their time.

    hope this helps

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