WPMU DEV plugins status report for clients

A status report feature that combines all the stats from the various WPMU DEV plugins into a nice visual status report of a site. Information could be pulled from Defender, Hummingbird, Smush, Uptime, Snapshot, etc.

Showing everything that happened on a site, like updates, blocked login attempts, succesful backups/failed backups, everything. Displayed in nice lists and graphs, white labelled and exportable in various formats for easy sharing with clients on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

The reason I'm asking for this is right now, this information exists but it's spread all over the place. There's an audit log in Defender, Uptime stats are somewhere else, want to see blocked login attempts? Back to another page in Defender. And you can't really show this to your clients because this information is contained within the plugins.
There needs to be a way to generate these nice reports that show exactly what maintenance, optimisations and security related stuff has been done on a site.

This is a great way of showing clients what they're paying for (if you sell them maintenance, backup and security plans) It is much easier to justify the cost and show them they can't go without it :wink:

I think iThemes has a feature similar to what I'm asking here. Please build something like this! :slight_smile: