WPMU DEV SEO doesn't see subdomain sites


Have just installed WPMU DEV SEO and find that the sitemap.xml file doesn't show any of the other network sites we have. I am wondering if it is the intent of this plugin to show all of the network sites?

There are currently no physical links directly from the main site to the subdomain sites, but there are links back the other way. The main site's sitemap.xml <http://laserelectrical.com.au/sitemap.xml> only shows the posts on the main site.

If I try to view a sitemap on one of the subdomain sites eg. <http://ascot.laserelectrical.com.au> I get the attached error (see screenshot).

I was hoping to use a sitemap to let Google and other search engines know that all of the subdomain sites exist, and are related to the main site, as the only links that exist at the moment are given to site visitors as a result of a database query which returns a result for local Electricians, and those that do have a website are listed & linked to. My concern is that the database won't be searchable by Google et. al. and therefore the connections will be invisible to crawlers.

Any suggestions most welcome.


GOSH! digital