WPMU DEV SEO Settings for websites within a network


I am in the process of setting-up a multisided network. After Playing around with the WPMU DEV SEO plugin for quite a while I have the following feedback/questions:
+ Sitemaps are working for the main and all sub blogs.(finally after deinstaling a plugin called "Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress".
+ As a network admin I have the menu to do all settings.
+ I see the metaboxes below the editing fields of sites/bages on every blog in the network.
So in general the plugin is working.

- As a Website-Admin I don't see any menu under Settings. No chance for them to take any individual control. No matter what I do (I checked all options on each step, I deinstalled all other plugins, etc.)
- As some themes doesn't have a special homepage I wonder where to setup Title & Meta for a homepage?
- I am under the impression, that site maps are only updated once I open the network admin plugin settings

Thanks for your help