[WPMU DEV SEO] Title & Meta: Home settings are missing

On the WPMU DEV SEO main page, there's a screenshot (see first screenshot attached below) showing a Home section in the "Step 3" tab.

This isn't showing in my setup, and there seems to be no other place that it shows in the WP admin... Am I not seeing something I should?

It would be great if WPMU DEV SEO had an options panel for each site, allowing editing for each sites Title & Meta for both Home page (Front page) and the Posts page (as referred to in Settings > Reading).

Please see attached screenshots.

Theme: WooThemes Canvas 4.1.4, Framework 4.1.5
WordPress 3.1.3 Multisite (4 subdomains, 1 for each of client's real-worldd locations)
PHP 5.1.6
CentOS 10.2 VPS

If there's any other config info needed, please let me know.