WPMU Dev Supported Themes and NOT Supported Themes


I started on WP last May, and many times I've had problems the Support staff has suggested I use a plugin or theme that was NOT supported by the WPMU Dev Support staff to fix that problem.

I am VERY concerned that I will not be able to get support on the products that the Support staff has suggested. What exactly can I do to get everything working right using WPMU Dev plugins and themes? I often feel my site is a hodgepoge of products that increase the possibility that it will crash with so many developers hands in it.

I need someone to help me get rid of the non-WPMU DEV products and instead use fully supported ones.

Thank you.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey again Mary :slight_smile:

    We suggest our own plugins/themes whenever possible of course; however, unfortunately are products don't fit for every request... yet. We're getting there :wink:

    We're happy to help with third party plugin/themes as well. Of course, we won't be able to custom develop features for third party products in most cases, but if you have an issue with a product that isn't ours then we are happy to take a look.

    If there isn't a supported plugin available for a feature you need then you could always get it custom developed specifically to your needs as well :slight_smile: we have a jobs board that is great for that: https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/

    There are a lot of free plugins from wp.org that are quite well supported too. Developers will often check their support area there and help their users.

    Looking through your plugins, the one I see that could be an issue in the future is Counterize, as it hasn't been updated recently so it will slowly lose compatibility.

    Have you thought about using Google Analytics instead? We have a plugin for that: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/google-analytics-for-wordpress-mu-sitewide-and-single-blog-solution/

    Which other plugins are you concerned about? Simple Custom CSS is a safe one you won't have to worry about in my opinion. It's a fairly simple plugin and is updated as needed :slight_smile: if you wanted to get rid of it, then you could always use a style.css in a child theme instead. Personally, I like the convenience of Simple Custom CSS though.

    Look forward to hearing back here Mary!

    All the best,

  • Mary


    THANK YOU so very much for your help and suggestions for both my tickets.

    I will check out Google Analytics. I went with Counterize because it appeared to have more features than anything else I saw. The amount of info I get on users, pages viewed, countries of origin, hardware platforms, etc is so incredibly helpful for development, future needs, etc. I just hope Google Analytics is as good.

    Also, I went to Minimaze because of problems I was having with TwentyTwelve and my drop-down menus. See Support ticket #815111. I waited so long for a reply, and continued trying soooo many things to fix the problem, that I finally fixed it with a theme. This was certainly NOT how I wanted to fix the problem, but after spending so many hours, I had to do something.

    Please let me know if you know of a WPMU Dev theme that will handle drop down menus, category pages, OOP buttons, as well as the wiki, membership, broken link checker, and the other plugins I am using that are working well.

    Mary :o)

  • Ash

    Hello @Mary

    I hope you are well today.

    All of our legacy themes support drop down menu, category pages (what do you mean by OOP button?) and other plugins you mentioned. We have released three new themes that is more standard and developed based on upfront framework. If you please take a look at those themes, you may love it :slight_smile:



  • Mary

    Hi Ash,

    Thank you so VERY much for your reply to my request. Nice to hear from you.

    First, OOP is a acronym used by programmers from the 80's and 90's (like me and my boss). He uses it, so I tend to use it as well. It literally means 'Object Oriented Programming'. In other words, there is code behind the picture or object or button that makes something else happen when you click it.

    I looked at the UpFront Framework Themes. They look EXCELLENT! Knowing what we are doing with our WP site (primarily WIKI, secondarily Blog), do you have a suggestion as to which UpFront Theme may fit us best? If there is a comparison chart in WP documentation that shows the features of each theme side by side, could you provide the link to it?

    THANK YOU again, very much, for your help and advise.

    Mary :o)

  • Ash

    Hello @Mary

    I hope you are well today.

    He uses it, so I tend to use it as well. It literally means 'Object Oriented Programming'. In other words, there is code behind the picture or object or button that makes something else happen when you click it.

    Well, OOP is still object oriented programming. I thought you were pointing to any plugins :slight_smile:

    Anyway, it doesn't matter if you use OOP or Procedural method for custom coding, it depends on the server. Just make sure you are using php 5.3+ :slight_smile:

    About the suggestion, that depends on you :slight_smile: I will recommend to test all three themes and see which one is the most useful for you :slight_smile:


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