WPMU Dev Team! I am new to WPMU products.. I just installed

Hello WPMU Dev Team!

I am new to WPMU products.. I just installed the Q&A WP module but I need to tweak it to serve my purpose. I have a few questions. I'd really appreciate it if you could answer them for me. Thank you in advance:

1. How can I make the mysite.com/questions/ask/ page the default mysite.com page?

2. Instead of question title and body fields is it possible to have only a "question" field that accepts no more than 60 characters? The "answer" page will have the body field and will allow for long answers with via the text editor.

3. Can the Q&A software be made to appear like the main page of http://www.wolframalpha.com - just a "question" field where a user can directly type their question (and then be asked to create a profile)?


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Vin,

    I hope you are well today, welcome to WPMU DEV! And thank you for your questions :slight_smile:

    1: Out of the box, the questions/ask page is a page generated by the plugin, this means it can't be set like a normal static page, but what you could do is place a 301 redirect on your main URL to the questions/ask URL if that would work for you?

    2: You could remove the title field using CSS, but then the questions wouldn't have a title and that may not display correctly in your list, depending on the final output you want? In that case, I think it would require some custom coding to do that, depending on the desired result.

    3: Out of the box Unfortunately no it couldn't look like that, that would require a lot of custom coding and a rewrite of the CSS to display like that.

    You may want to post a job on the WPMU DEV job board here https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs/

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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