WPMU Domain Mapping Not Mapping

I am trying to get the domain mapping to work for me.

I have a WPMU site and I have the following components:

WPMU Provisioning
WPMU Domain Mapping
Host Reseller: Hostgator
Private Nameserver: ebusinessme.com
Enom Resller Account

What works:

I can purchase a new website and domain through WHMCS and the domain is purchased and the site is created in WPMU.

If I go to the site: http://keepranking.infoprenuerme.com/

It redirects to the domain, as expected.

The domain is pointing to my server but not to my multisite: http://keepranking.com/

I would like to know if my setup is correct.

I also create a second site with the same issue: http://ninascommercialcleaning.infoprenuerme.com/

Domain: http://ninascommercialcleaning.com/