WPMU Hummingbird or Defender messed up my Layerwp theme by Obox

Hi, i use Layerswp theme by Obox.

After i use Hummingbird or Defender (not sure which plugin problem)

My webpage messed up. I cant post anything because i cannot type anymore on wyswyg editor(default). I cannot type anything.

Now i disable all plugin, change site to multisite. and on my site. i dont use the plugin, i can type post back...

What the known problem?

  • Rupok

    Hi Mohd Afif,

    I'm so sorry to hear the inconvenience you are having. Let me try to find the reason and resolve the issue.

    First of all, chances are high that Defender didn't do it. Still I can't make sure because I've not used the Layers theme. Can you please tell us if you disabled PHP Execution through Defender? I've seen previously that some themes executes custom PHP files from inside the plugin directory. Now when you disable PHP Execution with Defender, those themes can't execute those custom files and that's why things break. Defender suggests you to stop PHP Execution from plugin/themes directory because those folders are vulnerable. I mean, suppose I upload a theme on your site and inside that theme, I've added a PHP Shell (what hackers call php files generally) which creates a backdoor to your site. Normally I can't upload anything in your "wp-admin" or other core directories but it's easy for me to upload those backdoors on your themes or plugin directory. That's why preventing PHP execution from those directories is a good idea and Defender offers you to protect that. It could be a reason in your case, but I'm not sure. The only way to find out is enabling PHP Execution again and check if your theme starts working fine again.

    Regarding Hummingbird, a mis-configured Minification can break your site design or functionality. Let me explain how. When you enable minification with Hummingbird, by default it turns on minification for all files, and it tries to combine all CSS and JS assets to lower number of files to increase your site performance. Now, some files should not be compressed or combined (depending on what that file does), but it's not really possible to say which file should be excluded from combining. And different site uses different themes and plugins combination. So there is no way to set any optimum config. The only way to find the best configuration is going through Trial and Error. I mean enable minification for all files, and start disabling minification for files one after another. Check at which point your site starts functioning normally. You will understand that this file should not be minified, or combined.

    In the same way, some files should be called from footer, but generally it's a good approach to call all assets from the header. So you can try setting all those files called from the header, and then put one after another to the footer and check at which point your site starts functioning normally.

    So before everything, I'll suggest you to disable Hummingbird and Defender and check if your site is functioning properly. If yes, then activate Defender and check your site. If it works fine, then fix the issues Defender suggests one by one and keep checking your site. In this way, you will be able to find out if any specific fix from Defender is causing your site to break or not.

    Same goes with Hummingbird. If you find out that Defender doesn't break your site, then keep it enabled will all fixes. Now activate Hummingbird and check your site. Then disable minification for assets one after another and try to find out which file should not be minified or combined.

    I'll suggest you to take a full backup of your site before experimenting with these so you can always revert back to current state if anything goes wrong.

    Please let us know how it goes. If you have any confusion or if you are stuck at any point, please let us know. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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