WPMU! I'm testing

Hello WPMU!

I'm testing your software right now. For now I have got a few question:

- All our sites uses Cloudflare for CDN, DDOS-protection and caching. In which way does WPMU works with Cloudflare?

- At the moment we use W3 Total Cache for caching. This plugin is great. The plugin supports also Cloudflare. As you might know Cloudflare delivers some caching, so working togehter trouwgh API-calls is a good practice. In which way does WPMU do this?

- Is it possible to use WPMU for commercial use? I read the membership is 50 per month for unlimited sites. Is this also the case when I link client sites to it?


  • Vaughan

    Hi Raf,

    WPMU is wordpress multisite which works perfectly fine with cloudflare.
    As for plugins, you shouldn't notice any issues with cloudflare in the vast majority of cases, though sometimes cloudflare can have anaffect especially with Domain mapping for instance, but for the most part you shouldn't need to worry. we have many users using cloudflare and our products, and we use cloudflare ourselves on this site.

    Some of our plugins use an API for our servers, such as the dashboard plugin, smush pro, hummingbird & defender. But the rest are as normal plugins. Some plugins have cloudflare functions to communicate with cloudflare API too, but most don't require any specific config at all.

    Yes you can use our products for commercial use, we don't care how many clients or sites you install & use them on. Though if you cancel your subscription, plugins that require usage of our API will stop working on all those sites, so plugins such as Hummingbird, Defender, anti-splog, video-tutorials & smush pro will stop working (Though smush pro will revert to the free version and still work but with limited features)

    Hope this helps

  • Raf

    Hi Vaughan,

    Thanks a lot! This is very helpful to me. Can you give some information about the WPMU caching plugin + Cloudflare? W3 Total Cache has a Cloudflare integration to streamline the caching algorithms from their plugin and the algorithms from Cloudflare. This works great, but I am wondering if WPMU can do the same.

    I''m seriously considering to build the next customer websites with WPMU plugins and themes. Are there some tuts about best practices to use your plugings, themes, the hub, etc?

    I'm also wondering whether there are possibilities to build my own theme and custom layouts, so I can reuse that theme for clients. I want to make custom salespages, landingspages, etc


  • Vaughan

    Hi Raf,

    We don't have a specific cache plugin, Hummingbird has a browser caching feature which works the same as w3tc browser cache. But usually we recommend using hummingbird alongside another caching plugin.

    The latest release of Hummingbird does have a cloudflare feature where you can enter your cloudflare credentials, this simply disables some cloudflare features that Hummingbird uses so they don't cause conflicts with each other. It doesn't provide an interface to interact with cloudflare in any other way.

    Hope this helps

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