WP.MU install on pSek hosting: Domain Mapping not working

We have a new turnkey WP.MU install on pSek hosting with the primary domain name of CharitiesToday.org which resolves to http://charitiestoday.org/

We have one subdomain located at http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/.

We are trying to use the WPMU DOMAIN MAPPING plugin to map the (test) domain name “allmyzip.com” to resolve to the subdomain http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/.

We want the pages to display in the browser as:
http://allmyzip.com and http://allmyzip.com/sample-page/
i.e., to display the DOMAIN MAPPED domain name,
NOT the charitiestoday.org domain name as the site is currently doing:
http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/ and http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/sample-page/

At the domain registrar (GoDaddy)the name servers are pointed to ns17.psekhosting.com and ns.18.psekhosting.com.

At pSek hosting we have one Subdomain and one Addon Domain setup (see attached images). There are no Parked Domains currently installed and there are no Redirects setup at this time either.

When we log in as the subdomain user (kirk1234) and go to the Tools > Domain Mapping page (http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/wp-admin/tools.php?page=domainmapping) and enter under the Custom Domain field the entry http://allmyzip.com that is to be mapped to the original blog address of http://charitiestoday.org/kirk1/ and then click the “Add” button, the screen refreshes (in Chrome and in Firefox) yet there is no screen confirmation that anything has occurred. (Perhaps this is a problem area?)

There have already been 5 emails sent to pSek support trying to resolve this and 5 email replies that still have not achieved the above request. Their last reply said; “According to (WPMU’s) instructions, you need to use "Parked" domains instead of “Addon ". If you don't mind doing some manual work when users want to map a domain, you can alternatively register each one manually with many host's control panels. This is usually called adding a "Parked" domain." By the way, we have increased the Addon domain number from 0 to 1 for your account. So now you can try to add the domain as an Addon domain”.

Both methods have been tried and neither has yet resolved this issue. We have left the Addon domain in place for you to see and have removed the parked domain at this time as this did not appear to provide a method to specify or map to the /kirk1/ subdirectory install.

Since we have access to the pSek DNS Zone editors (Simple and Advanced), are there any A or C records that must be set in there for either the charitiestoday.org and/or for the allmyzip.com domain names?

We have the latest version of the Domain Mapping plugin, V 3.0.7 (released today) installed.
This site has only 3 other WPMU plugins installed and Network Activated:
Pro Sites (Formerly Supporter)
WPMU DEV Update Notifications

Please help us trouble shoot what is missing here. We had hoped that a turnkey WP.MU install on your own recommended host would make one of the most basic features of the install, Domain Mapping, easier than the above!!

Thanks very much for your assistance with this and if the Admin and/or User login credentials are needed, please advise the best way to send these to you.

Thanks once again and best regards,


  • DavidM

    Hi brucewp,

    The issue you mentioned when trying to add the domain name at the following seems be a good pointer to the problem.

    So when you add the domain name there, the page just refreshes and does not display the entered domain name in the list, correct?

    I'll flag the developer to have a look here as well as I can't really see why that specifically would work that way. Could you also let us know how that works with Pro Sites and BuddyPress deactivated though?


  • brucewp

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the prompt response!

    Re: "So when you add the domain name there, the page just refreshes and does not display the entered domain name in the list, correct?"

    That is correct. I just removed the Pro Sites and BuddyPress and tried the same steps in both Chrome and in Firefox and the response is still the same: "The page just refreshes and does not display the entered domain name in the list".

    Hopefully we'l l be able to resolve this soon as the Domain Mapping is an essential piece of the whole platform!!

    Best regards,


  • brucewp

    Hi Barry,

    Could you please guide me where to access the database and PHP error log files and I'll get into them right away. This is a new platform for us and I'm not as familiar where everything is as we've been using a Rackspace cloud sites and server install previous to this. Also, when you say: Add a domain, exactly how would you like me to do this? Would the Admin access to the hosting and the WP install be of use to you at this time? Please advise and thanks for the very quick reply!!


  • brucewp

    Domain Mapping is now working on the above site. The instruction page located at https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/domain-mapping/installation/ might be updated to better clarify exactly what steps should be taken in the Server Configuration area PRIOR to trying to map the domain in the Users admin area.

    Text somewhat like the following would be a lot more specific than the current text found at the above page:

    Activating Domain Mapping on Individual Sites:
    Activation on individual sites is a snap!

    Server Configuration

    If your host is using a cPanel for server administration, simply go to Domains > Parked Domains. In this area, under "Create a New Parked Domain", just enter the domain name, without the leading "http://" and without the "www", and then click "Add Domain". You'll see a confirmation screen and then you're done here. VERY simple!!

    Then, either have your users (or supporters if you've enabled the Supporter or Pro Sites plugin) log into their own websites admin area and then select Tools > Domain Mapping. Or, you can do this for them.

    Under the label "Custom Domain", have them simply enter the domain name, again without the leading "http://" and without the "www", and then click the "Add" button.

    If you've done the two previous steps correctly, then the domain name added will appear under the "Custom Domain" label and here it WILL contain the leading "http://".

    Different hosts may have different instructions, so check with your own hosting company if you're not using pSek, which we recommend and use for our own WP.MU customer installs. The above instructions should work on most cPanel equipped hosts and it works pSek, so give it a try!


    To enable multiple domains to be mapped to one site simply uncomment line 30 of domain-mapping.php by removing the // at the beinning of the line.

    Many times you may run into trouble where mapped domains don't resolve to your WordPress Multi-site install even though the DNS is correct for the domain you are trying to map. This is especially common with shared hosting. Some symptoms are getting a default or non-existant domain screen branded by your host. What this means is that your WordPress install/virtualhost is not set as the default for your IP address, so different domains do not load it up.

    Here is a very simple way to check if your hosting is configured correctly: Simply enter your server's IP address into a web browser and see if it loads up your WordPress signup page. For example, using the Edublogs IP you would enter into the web browser. See how it loads up the signup page? If entering your IP pulls up an error screen from your host (Example: here is what to do:

    Purchase a dedicated IP address for your hosting.

    Many times just the dedicated IP will do the trick. If not, you will need to tell your host to configure your WPMU virtualhost to be the default for your dedicated IP.

    I hope that the above may cut down some of the similar Domain Mapping configuration questions and ambiguities that led to the above post in the first place. Thanks very much for your help and consideration during this request and this post may now be marked as closed.

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