WPMU login problem: create user, associate with various blogs, cannot use account to login

Ed: Our new multi-domain plugin will solve this problem - it's got single sign on built in too!

I am having trouble with a new multi-domain plugin site(s).

I have WPMU setup at domain1.info that is hosting multiple blogs at multiple domains (with plugin).

blog1.info, blog2.info, blog3.info

All blogX.info sites point to the IP address of domain1.info where each of the blogX.info sites is appropriately returned.

I create a user in domain1.info and associate that account with all blogX.info sites.

When going to blog2.info, I cannot login to this blog with my user account. I am only returned to the login screen for blog2.info. No error appears.

Is this problem typical? If not, (I've done some searching and have not seen others speak of this) how might I go about diagnosing what is going wrong?

  • Pong Balls

    Here's a bit more info about my currently-non-working situation.

    It seems as if the doncha multi-site plugin is a touch wonky with regards to the logins. I have attempted to follow the procedure described at


    but when I attempt to load, in step 5), blog2.info.domain1.info I am taken to http://domain1.info/wp-signup.php?new=blog2.info and I have no option to login or create new blog or anything - just gives me the "about" page, etc.

    Info about current settings displayed while logged in as admin on domain1.info:
    Blog2.info originally created in admin interface of domain1.info under Site Admin | Blogs | Add Blog |
    Blog Address : blog2.info.[domain1.info] (note use of sub-sub domain. Not sure if this is trouble.)

    Further configuration done at Blogs | blog2.info.domain1.info | Edit...

    Edit Blog | blog2.info
    Modify the following fields, mostly to remove "domain1.info."
    Domain, Siteurl, Home, Fileupload url

    I am then unable to login to any of the blogX.info sites using the users I have created. In Site Admin | Users, each of the users is assigned to each of blogX.info.

    In Site Admin | Blogs, each of the blogs shows each domain listed, and users associated with each. However the "Mapping" column, far right, shows nothing for any of the domains.

    In Plugins | Installed, WordPress MU Domain Mapping 0.5.1 is shown as active.

    sunrise has been uncommented in wp-config.php and sunrise.php is present in wp-content folder.

  • Aaron

    First off, why don't you install our domain mapping plugin and remove the other. We fully support ours, it has more features, and we can help you through any issues you encounter with it.

    Also, never do this:

    Edit Blog | blog2.info
    Modify the following fields, mostly to remove "domain1.info."
    Domain, Siteurl, Home, Fileupload url

    That will break your blog and is not needed with our domain mapping plugin.

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