WPMU Membership Member Renewal Errors

Hi there,

A little worried about this support message I received (copied below) from a member of our site who is trying to renew:

"I received a reminder to pay my subscription yesterday. I didn't enjoy seeing that message, but understand there are errors. I paid on the 9th of July. Transaction # 57M97381SN875621P. Heads up: After I paid I waited days for the payment to register as the message stated that my fee was still due. That message finally left, but once again it states my membership will expire. This could be the case for many and something isn't working correctly."

I looked up this individuals Member profile under Membership > All Members, and the following is listed for them:

Active > 0bserver Annual (premium account Subscription plan meaning they pay an annual fee. The only other Subscription plan we have is 0bserver Monthly) > 0bserver (the Access Level defined for paying members where they can see premium content) > PayPal Express with Single Payments (Gateway)

My BIG concern is that we dropped the PayPal Express with Single Payments gateway about 3 months in the beginning of our site in favor of PayPal Payments Standard so as to allow Memberships to auto-renew via PayPal's recurring billing functionality.

There are MANY people listed on the gateway as having PayPal Express with Single Payments. There are also MANY people listed as have "no gateway found or deactivated" errors.

As people's memberships are set to renew this week (because exactly one year ago we launched the site with the annual membership) I am nervous of a pending disaster. Can you please let me know the best way to handle this situation? Should I manually switch all the "gateway not found" errors to something else? Such as deleting their Subscription Plan so they can re-register? Will everyone who paid using PayPal Express with Single Payments (before we had recurring billing setup) all get this error as the one member stated above? Do we manually delete all these accounts so they can re-register? Manually change their gateway to PayPal Payments Standard? Something else? Please helP!

Much obliged for your attention to this matter and thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,