WPMU Membership plugin causing site to go down intermittently

The greeneconomygroup.com is intermittently down using my computer, my colleagues’ computer, my iPhone browser and using a proxy browser (www.anonymouse.org). Here is a link to the anonymouse.org URLs:

greeneconomygroup.com website (status: website is intermittently down):

jobs.greeneconomygroup.com website (status: website is down i.e. only available for members when the jobs should be listed on the site for the public user):

directory.greeneconomygroup.com website (status: website is working):

The error message I get from my iPhone when attempting to access the greeneconomygroup.com website is:

"Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred."

I have attached relevant screenshots.

I am 99% sure that this is caused by the WPMU Membership plugin. Unfortunately we can NOT disable that plugin because it is protecting access to finance.greeneconomygroup.com which we are required by law to keep private for qualified cleantech users / entrepreneurs / executives and accredited investors.

What are the next steps that you recommend we take?

Please send responses to find@greeneconomygroup.com and dude2net@gmail.com

Find and Brian