WPMU-Nelo – Crashing IE 7 (and below)

Just a quick query {edit}(maybe not after I wrote it){/edit}, asking for other thoughts on this

first, has anybody else experienced the WPMU-Theme causing IE7 and below to crash?

either multisite or stand alone installations.

by crashing I mean it tends to be after 3 or 4 page refreshes- selections then lock up with the standard (not responding) then after about 5min heads into tab recovery.

apparently this (project) works fine in “compatibility” mode

I have used this theme for a small community group (+50age group) – please don’t ask for details why I got caught up in this……. :slight_smile:

The issue is It seams that I’m the only one that cannot replicate the problem on over 20 machines with various OS, browsers and combinations of plugins – bla bla usual standard tech testing stuff.

and just cannot whatso ever replicate….

I originally had the project installed on a multisite installation (and wish to move it back) but in an attempt to see if the (phantom problem) goes away – moved to completely new premium host, standalone. no plugins, installed the wpmu-theme – problem appeared to go away for a week – then all of a sudden I’m requested to fix the problem.

hmmmm. so heres the link


(project in progress)

can anybody else have a look see and let me know of they experience any issues?

would be greatly appreciated.

just need to know numbers – what browser (v) you are using and if you believe is there any reason why this problem may exists

as this project was meant to be a quick put together to get a website up with some info and photos. but has turned into a bit of time consuming project.


thanks many in advance