WPMU Network - Cloning and Themeing

OK -
I am setting up a network. All the grunt work is done as far as installing Sunshine and changing the wp-config and htaccess.

How do I go about changing to a different theme?

Will the theme that I have activated be an EXACT clone of the domains that I am putting in?

Sample network:
(This is the main sites where all of the other sites will come in from)

Sample Sites:
All Sites will be separate (.com's) not subdomains -


All with 100 pages of content (posts to come later).

This is Used for WEBSITES more than blogs
etc, etc... All 50 states lets say.

What I need to know is will the new installs be EXACT replicas of the original install?
Will it clone the theme?
Will it clone the menus?
Will it clone widgets and their respective settings?
Will it clone the content?
Will it clone page titles and other attributes?

Thank you.

- - PS - -
Please do not answer this question with respects to Google duplicate content nor a spamming issue.

Thank You Again.