WPMU Notifications Not Being Send in Some Conversations


Have been waiting out a problem i have being having, is a weird problem i never had before, and i think others are having it, but don't know it cause there is no way to know is happening if you don't manually browse to your old forum question.

Its been happening that i notice 2 weeks, don't know if even more time, maybe you working on the forums? the new users section? anyway.

The problem is that some of the forums post Not all are not sending me notification, when someone answers, is a minor problem cause 1 out of 5 are failing to send notification, maybe send email queue on your end gets full and doesn't send? well no idea why is happening but is happening, is not a major problem, but if you have lots of activity in the forum, to know if you got an answer you got to manually go to the dashboard and hit every last activity to manually check, this is time consuming, and this is a tool that depends on staff and members answer after a notification to work, not getting notification in the email, slow things down, anyway though you should know.