WPMU Platinum Support Suggestion


Wpmu support is great, thanks, and the addition of the new crew drastically improves turnaround times, yay.

What is the likelihood that in addition to the forum and chat room support currently available WPMU offers a platinum level of support, kind of like Amazon does where the guaranteed response time is within an hour, script help is included and for $X you get Y hours of help.

From a site that is live perspective it will be a huge asset to have somebody who is very familiar with the set up available in a crisis.

Just a thought... I would hate for it to detract from the existing support levels....

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    I am glad to hear that "yayy" from you. All smiles. Glad to be part of the "new" team :slight_smile:

    Our first target was to improve response times, and we have made considerable progress in that. 2-3 hours is the average first response time. We are working on improving resolution time at the moment.

    A part of delay in the resolution is when the user doesn't give much information. A support request with every possible detail like the WordPress version, other plugins used, and something that is submitted after trying out the possible causes like plugin conflicts or browser troubles, is likely to be resolved faster than one that has no information.

    We have new support forms coming up to take care of that issue as well as improve searching the existing posts easily. So we hope to see heaps of improvements after that. It should be out for you by the end of next week max :slight_smile:

    Also, most of the support staff, including me is relatively new to the products. There are some plugins that I haven't tried yet. So over time, say 6 months, we would get much faster at what we do. I remember my first few days I barely did 2-3 thread an hour, but now I can resolve 8-10 an hour depending on its difficulty of course. So give us some more time and we will be better, I promise.

    Also, if you have noticed, we are heavily working on various Plugin documentations. Sue is in charge is we all do it one after the other. Hope you have noticed the 60 page Manuel for Membership and huge documentation for Ultimate Facebook and other plugins. When we are all done, we hope that users would be able to use them as the first point of reference when they end in trouble.

    A FAQ section and production installation videos are all in the To-Do.

    I will pass this on to the team and see what they think. Thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:

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