"WPMU Plugin Stats" page will not load

We have a wordpress multiuser installation with 4700 sites and 35,000 users. We have installed the WPMU plugin stats plugin, and each time we run the plugin the page will not load. It tries to and times out. Our technology department looked into it and said that we are exceeding the data cap in the code of this plugin. Is it possible to increase the data cap, or is there another way to make this plugin work?

  • Vaughan


    i don't know, that plugin isn't 1 of ours unfortunately, so it's not something we'd be familiar with.

    the plugin authors support is here http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpmu-plugin-stats

    you could try extending max_input_time in your servers php.ini


    max_execution_time = 300

    or try 600.

    you can do this by creating a php.ini file in your public_html and adding those lines to it. though it varies depending on who you're hosting with. if you are using a VPS or you have your own server, you could get your technology dept. to increase this for you.

    but the plugin itself might not be optimized too good to cope with that amount of sites/users, so you might need to contact the plugin developers to look into this issue.

    hope this helps

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