WPMU Plugins and Genesis Framework

Earlier, I had some rather perplexing issues with Marketpress and Genesis that no one from WPMU nor the theme developer have yet been able to figure out. It's been a month now, and based on the lack of progress on two fronts, I think I'm SOL, but the client either hasn't noticed or doesn't care since it's not affecting site navigation, so my current thinking is I now have plenty of time to get it fixed.

Now I've been fighting with CustomPress and Directory to set up a new Listings style site (no, I haven't been using both at the same time, I'd picked one, then switched to the other when the one didn't work), and damned if the same things aren't happening with Directory that was happening with Marketpress.

What had happened with Marketpress was that the auto-generated archives page had a mysterious first entry that seemed to be a mishmash of the title/excerpt of every entry on that page. I believe using the Genesis Simple Edits plugin alleviated most of that problem, but we never resolved the issue with duplicate post meta and paginations showing up.

Now, without the Simple Edits plugin installed on a test site I was figuring out how best to use Directory, the exact same thing happened, with the auto-generated archives page mocking me with extra data that I couldn't control nor remove. Directory also did mapped the archive link to the first (most recent) entry, something that Marketpress initially did when I first set it up on that Genesis client site.

I deactivated Directory and switched to CustomPress, and started making some customizations there, so I think I'll still be able to get done what I'd like to get done, but I would have liked to have had some of the features Directory provided, like star ratings.

I think this could push the earlier issues I had with Marketpress not playing nicely with a Genesis theme I was using to build a client site into a whole new level.

The links and custom posts problem doesn't exist when I used TwentyThirteen, but it also didn't exist when I used Genesis 1.9 and earlier, but when I tried a couple of other custom post type UI plugins under Genesis 2.0, I don't have these same archive display issues that Marketpress and Directory seem to be having fun with at my expense :slight_smile:

Could there be something different in the way the WPMU plugins generate these items that doesn't play nice, since other plugins don't seem to have the same issue?

Anyway, no rush on resolving this one... CustomPress for now seems to be able to give me what I need, it just means I need to do some more extensive CSS and template customizations than initially planned for :slight_smile:

  • atouchofsummer

    Problem is, there aren't any other custom post type plugins in the mix when I was doing my testing, only the WPMU ones. The Genesis framework doesn't include any plugins for that at all.

    I can't be certain, but since CustomPress doesn't exhibit this behavior while Directory and MarketPress do, I'd guess that the hitch lies in how both of those plugins dynamically generate their archive listings. I had previously been able to knock out some of the glitches with MarketPress by creating a physical page to use instead of the dynamically generated one, but I could still never get rid of the stray data. I didn't even bother to try with Directory, and have taken another development path instead.

    If I can help make WPMU and Genesis play nicer together, just ask. I'd do anything not to have to inflict WooCommerce on any of my current or future clients ever again till the end of time!

  • atouchofsummer

    The result is that I can duplicate the problem on a variety of Genesis child themes, but I'm still not sure why it's happening.

    I'm not the strongest PHP coder on the block, not by a long shot, so tracking this down may be beyond my skill set.

    What I think is happening is that the new auto-generated archives feature in Genesis 2.0 is clashing with certain custom post types, and I think it specifically deals with page titles and post info.

    The extra data is not displayed on the custom post type archives with themes that come with custom post types defined in them, like themes with portfolios or slides defined in functions, so those Portfolio listings don't have the extra data.

    But when you create custom post types defined externally by plugins, like MarketPress, or Directory, or even in my case Custom Post Type UI, those are the archives that display the extra info... doesn't matter if they are auto-generated (like the Products listing from MarketPress), or if you set up a specific template for that taxonomy, the stray info is displayed.

    What's even stranger is that it seems to only be displayed on the first page of any listings, and in more than one case, using the Genesis Simple Edits plugin can introduce another level of data mayhem... so for now, I'm leaving Simple Edits out of the equation.

    I've asked for help again at the StudioPress forums, maybe someone there who's a better PHP coder than me can dig around and find the culprit... at this point since it happens on child themes from Studio Press and other shops, it has to be a bug in Genesis 2.0 itself... it didn't happen (and still doesn't happen) in Genesis 1.9

    So I'm closer, but there is no solution as yet :slight_smile:

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