WPMU + ProSite + BuddyPress + Membership


I've very Confused.

I'm trying to build a website like wordpress.com or edublog

i've installed all what i need
and need to start to show up

confused int he registrations as i need to use WPMU with the Buddypress and the PRO SITES + MemberSHip + Affiliate

as i'm offering many kinds of websites

now i'm confused with the registration process for the Clients ...
how will it go and how is the integration between all of these plugins?

i'm offering normal free blogging network With Pro Sites

  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    If your goal is to offer a network on which individuals may register free blogs and then upgrade to obtain more space, additional themes, "premium" plugins, et cetera, then you need only WordPress MultiSite and Pro Sites. If you want to add social aspects (which may be a good idea), then you'll want to use BuddyPress as well.

    If you have these two plugins installed, then the registration process for new users is mostly the same as for a regular WordPress MultiSite install; of course, there will be additional fields and the registration forms will look a little different if you choose to use BuddyPress.

    As for Pro Sites, you can have an option on the registration page for users to sign up for upgrades during the registration process or users can do so later through the dashboard.

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