wpmu + prosites – charging users to register new sites

I haven’t seen this in the prosites documentation – how do you set the prosites plugin to charge for site registrations?

  • Kimberly
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    Hello again websww, :slight_smile:

    how do you set the prosites plugin to charge for site registrations?

    Pro Sites doesn’t charge for registration and there is no option to do so. You can however enable the “pay to blog” option in prosites that will allow you to force users to pay before being able to use the new blog they just created.

    If you feel you want to charge for registration as well/in lieu of the pay to blog option you can use your Membership plugin with ProSites to do so easily!

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:



  • david10
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    This should work – I have done something similar but not exactly like this.

    Use Gravity Forms (premium plugin) to create a front end input form and Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types (free plugin) to link the form to a post. This works really slick – categories and tags will populate a drop down, radio button or check boxes. Its ridiculous what Gravity Forms can do.

    Both plugins are totally easy to use. Gravity Forms CSS Ready Class Selector (a free plugin) makes it a snap to customize the layout of the front-end form.

    You could even create a custom post type or custom fields (or taxonomies) – easy to create using the WPMU Custom Press plugin (I prefer Types – Custom Field and Post Types plugin). But not necessary.

    You could then create a new blog and create a page with the Gravity Form input form embedded (done with short code) mapped to your post and use the WPMU New Blog Templates plugin to turn that blog into the default new blog template for new users.

    It should be easy to restrict access to the page with the Gravity Form input form to logged in users or use the WPMU Password Protect plugin?

    Gravity Forms doesn’t let you edit your post from the front end through the form – yet – it is rumored to coming in a release soon? You could try Front End Editor (a free plugin) to edit posts from the front end. Not sure if it works with custom post types (without some tweaks) but it should work with regular posts/pages – even if submitted by Gravity Forms?

    Worth a shot?

    Let me know how it goes.

    Might be an option for total front end management.

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