WPMU subdomains vs subdirectories (SEO wise)

I saw many posts like this one, but they were all old. I wish to know what is the current situation with Google and SEO. What is better, to have my blog networks on subdomains or on subdirectories (SEO wise).



  • qqldiego
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    However, if I wish to create a blog network that will serve as a directory plus (instead of asking them for money in exchange for the listing I will ask them to submit articles) then what will be better for me.

    While all of them will be in the same niche (languages industry), the articles themselves might be very diverse (many subjects). What will google think about it?

  • Kimberly
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    if you want them to all be seen as part of your main site network, then subdirectory.

    If the users are submitting articles for the main site but using the subsites as their own personal sites then subdomain would be better for them and using their articles on your main site would give the main site the google juice.

  • qqldiego
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    Please explain again. In edublogs you have chosen to use subdomains. Why?

    I also want to understand how does it works with pro sites. Each blog posts articles to it’s own pages. I only get the abstract or the titles. So how does it added to the seo for the main site?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Subdirectories are seen as branches from the main site. Just like the directory structure implies its a subdirectory mysite/subsite . Just like any sub folder structure in your computer i.e. Pictures/juniors birthday

    Subdomains are not seen this way, they are seen as separate directories, if you will

    Like on your computer you have a folder structure of Pictures then another of Documents then another of Downloads, etc.

  • BlakiceMG
    • Flash Drive

    I like sudomains, subdirectory sites can be confused as pages of the main site. For instance a subdirectory site will look like this htttp://yourdomain.com/abc.

    With subdomain it is a clearer distinction the site is separate from the main site by taking on http://abc.yourdomain.com

    I struggled with this as well when starting out and from a branding perspective subdomain was a cleaner look.

    One caviate though is when you get to using SSL Certificates. While I haven’t tested this yet I am pretty sure if you use subdirectory you can share the main sites SSL because its follow the licensed main domain. In this case http://yourdomain.com/abc. If you had subdomain you would have to either get a wildcard SSL or license each subdomain.

  • mark singley
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Very helpful discussion. We have a cart on the main domain that I just installed the SSL on, but if people check out they will be directed to the main site anyway.

    From a branding standpoint I like the cleanness of subdomains. It’s like General Motors has lots of sub divisions, but we want to relate them all to GM. But each is so bgi that they need their own site.

    I can’t imagine Goo would frown on it since it helps them relate the LSI as opposed to a separate free standing site. It’s a way of saying We own this brand, but it’s a separate brand from us also.

    G please see that this exists on it’s own but under our unbrella. Particularly with pharmaceutical companies that make sub branded medications.

    There is a bit more elegance in subdomains, I think.

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