WPMU team, First I want to say GREAT PLUGIN! But here's my

Hi WPMU team,
First I want to say GREAT PLUGIN! But here's my dilemma. I wanted to get the functionality of having a global membership on my multisite install, and I read the Membership Manual which explained how the Membership plugin would help me accomplish this. I didn't want to pay for a premium plugin until I was sure it could do what I need it to do. So, I installed Membership Lite to test it out and see if it would give me this functionality. I followed the instructions from the Membership Manual, and VOILA, it worked like a charm! All membership levels come through on all sites uniformly and all members as well. So, here's where it gets ugly. I purchase the full version Membership plugin so that I can have full feature functionality. I install it and configure it in the EXACT same way. And guess what? I doesn't work! When I Network Activate the Premium version and enable it via the Network Admin, it acts like separate installations of Membership on each site. With Membership Lite, it was like 1 uniform Membership installation. So the real problem here is that when I try to enable the plugin from the Network Admin, it doesn't enable it network wide. Then when I enable it on each individual site, it doesn't sync the Membership levels or any other settings to any of the other sites on the network.