WPMU to create Real Estate Single Property sites in WP Multisite

I’m trying to create a wordpress based application that’s kind of like pickle.pub or happytables but customized for creating stunning one page websites for real estate single properties. I plan to use WordPress Multisite, and each property will be a wordpress site within that multisite.

My concept of the system flow is …

1. I will import listings from MLS and create a wordpress site for each listing

2. I would then populate an “upfront” based theme to create a stunning, responsive wordpress site, customized to automatically pull in the custom fields for that particular property.

3. create a highly simplified WP Admin, and combine that with upfront edit for site maintenance (admin will probably by house owner or real estate agent).

I just subscribed to WPMU premium, hoping it will allow me to create this custom environment. I’m thinking of the following approach:

1. use custompress to create custom fields for importing the real estate data from MLS

2. use upfront theme to create custom theme that automatically displays the real estate custom data for each property.. one property per website

3. use combination of WPMU plugins to create the site, and customize the wp-admin competely to be really simple…

More details and screen shot samples at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GSpSfn1I1LExn8VQ6A93mk4EQDVXFgBCYWmIX9Zhm3k/edit?usp=sharing

Which WPMU plugins do i need to modify the back end? Can i create these single page responsive wordpress sites with custom Upfront them combined with CustomPress custom fields? Thanks!