wpmu upgrade - now missing theme cp on single user accounts

I just moved to a new server.. was stuck with an old version of wpmu because I did not keep a log of the files I edited... I had to upgrade servers so I thought this would be a perfect time to rebuild my setup so that I can start fresh with the latest wpmu. I was way back there with wpmu v 7. something.

anyway... everything looks great so far, but something I just noticed which is a bit annoying is in my old set up, under the appearance link there is the option for theme editor or control panel for certain themes on the single user accounts, and now in the newest version this option is not made available for the single user accounts but only shows up in the super admin account. Surely there must be a way that I can provide this link so that my customers can edit their themes with the extra edit functions that come with the themes they are using?

I am not talking about the edit section that super admin has access to the code for each file in the theme such as header.php, footer.php, style.css etc... I am talking about the control panel that comes with "some themes", giving the user the options to change certain options to their theme. In the older version of wpmu this option was available to the single user accounts, now these links only show up in my super admin account.

Any quick advice would surely be appreciated. I have a couple of frustrated customers due to the long wait of getting switched over, and now not having this control that they previously had over their themes before the move.

Thanks for your time.
Tony V