WPMU "Upgrade" offer has highjacked and broken my site

HELP! My admin is stuck on the stupid WPMU Upgrade offer and has my entire site highjacked. The front end isnt loading now and I can not dismiss the offer. I cannot get to plugins to remove it or deactivate. FTP to remove it, broke the entire site. Help, site down, 911.


  • Kliqks

    Everything was working. I had just spent hours on the phone with 1and1 to get PHP 5.4 online, I had plugins that broke the site, so I removed them. I finally got my booking form working and sent out an email so people could book their photo sessions. I double checked that all was working and then left for about an hour.
    When I came back and attempted to go to the dashboard in the wp-admin ( I was left on a settings page previously) , an "Ad" showed up from the WPMU dashboard plugin saying there was a "special" upgrade offer for me. I didn't have time to mess with it, so I hit the tiny "dismiss" text right above the big "Upgrade" button (poor design and fishy btw) , when I hit that, it took me to the WPMU Dashboard menu and displayed normally. So, again, I tried to go to the normal admin dashboard and again the "special offer" appeared, tried to dismiss and circled back again. Went to the dashboard again with the same result. Then tried to go to the plugins menu only to get the "Special offer" on every other menu accept for , of course, the WPMU dashboard, it worked. By now, any attempts to view the front-end my site rendered a blank page (broken). I attempted to rename the WPMU plugin via FTP, that got me back to the admin areas, but the site was still down. In the end, and only a few minutes ago, I again renamed the WPMU plugin to -old, got to plugins, deactivated all, from there, renamed the plugin back to normal, deleted the WPMU plugin from the plugins area, then reactivated all the rest of my plugins. Everything is now back up and running, including my A+ plugin and I'm not touching a damn thing for a few days! I hope this gives you some clue into what happen. It just seemed like that damn upgrade screen had hijacked the whole thing.



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