WPMU - WHMCS Installation and playing nice

So the end goal:

Create a multisite that clients can purchase a domain through WHMCS and after all is said and done, login to their account at USERDOMAIN.com/wp-admin.

We want WHMCS to handle the hosting side of things, creating the account, setting up cPanel on the server, modify any settings that need to be modified etc... fully automated.

I know with your plugins, we can do all of this and after some head banging, I have hit a wall. We have the following installed:
Domain Mapping
WHMCS Provisioning
WHMCS Integration

All are setup to where we are not getting any warnings or errors, but when we run a new order through WHMCS, nothing happens on the WPMU side of things. The instructions for WHMCS were also not current with the latest version of WHMCS so it is possible that a setting sis not configured correctly. Where do I go from here?