WPMU Wiki and bbPress


Can I get some instructions, video, manual or something on the steps to integrate Wordpress, the Wiki, and bbPress on my site AbsolutESL.com? I'm having a number of issues. I've tried installing bbPress but haven't gotten it set-up properly. I can view something like absolutesl.com/forums/forum/generaldiscussion but there doesn't seem to be a sort of homepage for the Forum at absolutesl.com/forums as there should be. I uninstalled bbPress again so you won't find anything there currently.

With the Wiki you can see it at AbsolutESL.com/wiki but I'm not sure I did it right. I tried creating an account under a different profile name and it told me I didn't have the ability to edit the page. I think I need to change the permission settings. Also, is there a way to search the wiki? I hate that the search tab on the top of the page only searches the blog...

Sorry that there's numerous question within here. I just started with Wordpress recently.

Thank you,
Kevin G