WPMUDEV Admin Dashboard not Recognizing membership status

I have a WP site. I am a paid and registered user of WPMUDEV. When logging in from WPMUDEV.ORG is shows my payment history .etc.

I installed the WPMUDEV Admin plugin in my site via the one super admin user. I then installed Marketplace plugin which I need to setup now and a few more plugins that will be setup & used later. The plugins were installed by the WP standard Plugin installer page/form.

When setting up the Marketplace plugin I do not appear to receive all the payment options, per the screen shot on the WPMUDEV Marketpress page. The only payment method is Paypal express which when I test I receive an authorization error. Im suspecting the plugin is crippled since the installation does not validate that Im a paid subscriber?? Even though past experience PayPal requires more API info that just my Paypal email address as I am being asked for in Marketpress.

When I access the WPMUDEV Admin Dashboard in my WP site it just wants me to upgrade to a paid user. There is no way to login from the dashboard that I can find.

When I visit the WPMU DEV plugin Update tab is states no WPMU DEV plugins are installed.

When I visit the WPMU DEV plugin Manage tab I receive this message under Admin Notices:

"Notices are only displayed to site Administrators (Super-Admins in Multisite installs). Full & current WPMU DEV members can permanently disable all admin notices, though individual notices can always be dismissed by any admin."

And in top right corner I receive this message:
" Only the admin user "admin" has access to the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin and features on this site. "

As mentioned Im loggged in under the one Admin Super User.

So I have three questions:

1) How do I get the fact to stick that Im a paid subscriber and have an account on WPMUDEV.ORG?
2) How does the WPMUDEV Dashboard recognize the installed WPMUDEV plugins?
3) Is my marketpress plugin crippled? Why do I only see Paypal Express as a payment option and not others like authorize.net?