WPMUDEV Automatic Featured Image Plugin

Hi All

Inspired by Brendas Article and after a check of prices and “licenses” I came to the decision that it would be much better to have such a functionality as WPMUDEV plugin integrated into our memberships.

As a starting base the free version would work out just great and based on that all other features could be implemented quite easily together in a joint effort if a WPMUDEV GIT would be available.

It would be a great asset especially when you are using also an automated post plugin to send posts to your social media accounts (also something still missing in the WPMUDEV catalog!) Often it happens that those posts have no image and to be honest a Twitter post with no image attached looks not very inviting. As here on WPMUDEV we need to make a lot of money to pay the high yearly membership fees it would be great to have that featured image plugin available.

1. Functionality like in the free version

2. the additional functionailty mentioned here for the pro version could be rewritten and further enhanced

3. Featured images should get pulled automatically to twitter and facebook etc.

4. A way to resize and crop images as featured images (i.e. with a default mask)

5. With an integrated editor the featured image could even get adjusted with texts, graphical effects or filters to give posts a CI with the same look and feel.

6. an integration of “Stencil” would even be nice.

What would be other nice to have additional features for featured images?

Kind regards