WPMUDEV browser-session & login-issue with 1Password


I have noticed that whenever I switch between my home- & office-mac I get logged out of my browser-session and need to re-login in order to access my hub.

This is not a problem of course, just a bit inconvenient. Usually I use a password-manager called “1Password” that I can use with a keyboard-shortcut (CMD + #), press enter and get logged in, which is super convenient as I don’t need to use the mouse at all.

But it’s not working that way with my WPMUDEV-portal, at least I always need to click twice with my mouse (instead of zero-times) in order to log in. Here you fid a little screenrecording that hopefully illustrates what I mean:


(Mouse-Clicks are visualized with a red-radar, Keyboard strokes are visualized on large-modal at the bottom of the recorded screen).

It would be nice, if WPMUDEV would provide a login-form, where the fields for username, password & submit will remain open so I can use 1Password (or any other password-manager that provides keyboard-shortcuts) in order to login to my account.

Sorry for my low english, I still hope you understand.

To provide a shorter version of my concern, I have used a translator so maybe it’s more clear:

“I use 1Password to log in to various online services. Normally, I can log in directly in the browser with just two keyboard shortcuts without using the mouse. Only with WPMUDEV this doesn’t work and I still have to use the mouse to get to the Submit button.”

Please provide the login-fields on any of your sites without the need to click on “Login” button first.

Have a nice day and thank you for any suggestion.